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3M SJ3519FR -拉链式阻燃自粘魔术贴
产品名称:3M SJ3519FR -拉链式阻燃自粘魔术贴

产品型号:3m sj3519
市场价格:1300元/卷 批发价格:1200元/卷
出品单位:深圳晒诺胶粘科技--3M 470,3M 410M,3M 218,3M 415,3M SJ5308,3M 969
3M Fastener SJ3519FR Hook Flame Resistant S025 Slate Grey, 1 in x 50 yd 0.15 in Engaged Thickness, 3 per case Bulk

Flame resistant, rubber adhesive, nylon, woven hook reclosable fastener and meets F.A.R. 25.853 paragraph (a)(1)(i) 60 second vertical burn test. Mates with SJ3518FR. This flame resistant product is coated with a unique flame resistant synthetic rubber based adhesive. High temperature performance. Bonds wells to paper and cardboard, paint, bare and painted metal, glass, sealed wood and many plastics.

Product ID : SJ3519FR
Adhesive Type : Synthetic Rubber
Brand : 3M
抗疲劳次数 : 5000
Color : Slate Gray
Engaged Thickness : 0.15 Inch
Flame Retardant : Yes
公/母 : 公(挂钩面)
长度 : 50 Linear Yard
Length (metric) : 45.72 Linear Metre
Liner Thickness : 3 Milli-inch (mil)
Liner Type : Polyethylene Film
Low Profile : No
Maximum Operating Temperature (Celsius) : 49 Degree Celsius
Maximum Operating Temperature (Fahrenheit) : 120 Degree Fahrenheit
Product Form : Roll
Push To GSDB : True
包装 : 3 卷
宽度 : 1 Inch
Width (metric) : 25.40 Millimetre